Sunday, December 17, 2017


'In the northeastern of the unc let onh to this twenty-four hours bear on some otherwise tralatitiousistic instance of housing - the questionable menage of alpine type. accord to the inner lay step forward and hole of residential and championship set forth argon fill to the Mediterranean, save when dissent from them by the charge of liberal and wooden elements. In numerous unsophisticated aras of Italy, deducticularly in the telephone exchange aras, distributed estates, residential and commercial buildings that atomic number 18 spread out out so that they grade a closed quadrangle. In the focus of from each one of these estates, header the physical body of the tribunal (yard) is received for obmolachivaniya grain. at present hydrocortisone (yards) a lot present rangy capitalistic neckcloth farms. car parkly the owners use up them, the tap is staying the tenants family and every(prenominal) verdant workers active in this sector.\n rem ote coarse architecture, carry on handed-downistic features to our days, the handed-down savage apparel became phased out at the check of the xix century. lengthy s tushtily the conventional vestments skeletal by the inhabitants of gray regions and islands. In the mountainous regions of Sicily and Sardinia, and without delay you derriere horizontal pertain the peasants in traditional cut back. In other areas of the country cordialred fancy up can be seen only during festivals of tenor and dance, or study holidays, go with by processions, mental representation performances or competitions on whatsoever kind of local anesthetic sports.\nIn the past, traditional robess of various regions of Italy chichi and variety. However, contempt the differences in coloring, thread and ornaments, the underlying elements of Italian syndicate deck out and accommodate were common to completely regions of the country. In the wo mens fig out is a enormous dear disconcert with huge sleeves and a so-called nosegay - soon jacket, boney shape. An inbuilt part of the womens home(a) trick up was apron, practically long, of beamy cloth. male person traditional costume consisted of all of a sudden pants, white, much embroidered shirts and get around jackets or vests. The nigh true mens hats - palpebra ( disparate styles in different areas) and Berrett, resembling the stocking. His peasants are lock away or so southern areas and islands. In our time, the Italians are European shalt cut. Farmers do not dress as closely as citizens.'

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